Sunday, May 18, 2008

Narnia Platypus

So, I got to see "Prince Caspian" for my birthday. It was as good as I had hoped, and I think that I might (heresy of heresies!) have liked it better than the book. One way or another, it was a thoroughly solid adaptation. The clincher is that the movie feels like Narnia all the way through. Though I greatly appreciate Peter Jackson's adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings," I can't say it did as much. I'm going to put that firmly on Gresham's heavy involvement with the film. If you get a chance, I'd recommend seeing the film and then reading Gresham's biography of Lewis "Jack's Life" just so that you can see the points where Lewis "enters" the film via Gresham.

As a final note, "The Voyage of the Dawntreader" is in pre-pro, and this second strong showing gives me great hope for the series.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Creative Platypus

So I've decided to try my hand at creating a play this summer. The working title is "The Conqueror Worm." It's got a little bit of Poe, a little bit of Hellboy, and a little bit of Hawthorne. We'll see if it holds up when finger meets keyboard or if it collapses under the weight of its own absurdity.