Saturday, November 16, 2013

Conference Platypus

Houston has been a bustling place this fall with a host of conferences, lectures, and debates.  For as many as we've made, there have been two or three that we missed.  Of particular note for us was the Providence Classical School Colloquy which turned out to be an even bigger success than the one two years ago.  All the plenary and breakout sessions are now posted online at the school's website.  We've also enjoyed the seasonal round of Lanier lectures, but of particular interest was the HBU debate on the existence of God between Reynolds and Barker (now on Youtube).  Our seniors attended the lecture along with an assortment of teachers and family making for a particularly fun and informative evening.

All of this, of course, is really an elaborate apology for the lack of content on my blog this month but it's also an update to let you know some of the things we've been doing (it also consoles me just a little for missing all the amazing things that have been going on at Biola and the Gettys -no, seriously, every time I get the Getty newsletter I want to bang my head against the desk.).  There's also been the usual round of reading and teaching too which will hopefully produce its share of blog posts in due time.  All that to say: as soon as I get a minute to process all this stuff I'll be sharing it with you.  Until then, the Platypus still speaks Truth.

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