Saturday, March 01, 2014

That Which the Bold Sir Bedivere: Platypus Nostalgia

The other night, I had dinner with a friend I haven't seen in fourteen years.  He's the still the same guy he always was -just wiser and with a few rough edges ground off.  The main thing in his life was always Jesus and Jesus is still the main thing now -but deeper, more truly so.  We spent a little time reminiscing about times past and a little time catching up, but mostly we talked about what mattered to us now.

There are friends you lose along the way and then they're gone.  You meet them again and realize that the distance is too great.  Others come back after years and the connection is still there.

We had our own Round Table when we were young -swords flashing in the sunlight.  We dared, we dreamed, and then we were broken.  Since then, I've wandered far and wide; always new faces, always other minds.  Poor Sir Bedivere trying to tell his story.  But the old order changes and keeps us from becoming corrupt.  Aeschylus was right.  Time does refine all things that age with it.  God smashes our idols for our own good.

My Round Table is gone, but I'm glad to hear the knights are doing well.

Qui Transtulit Sustinet 

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