Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in Review: The Platypus of Truth

And lo I am with you always, even unto the end of the Age.

Today is the last day of 2014.  The big news of 2014 is that Western Culture has survived one-hundred years after the onset of the Great War.  The world is changed.  At least somewhat.  But in the shadow of that great anniversary, many other things have happened.  Here at the Platypus of Truth, it's been a pleasant, but low-volume year.  That may be due to the fact that 2014 was the first summer in some time that I didn't attempt any live-blog read-throughs.  Those raise the number of posts per year like nobody's business.  Instead, 2014 saw an uptick in poetic compositions and a continuation of 2013's travel-blogging.  That makes 2014 the year of memory and reflection at Platypus of Truth and that seems appropriate a hundred years after the end of one of the most astounding eras in Western history.  What will next year bring?  I don't know.  There will certainly be more about Clariel and Nix's attempts to sell a reluctant hero.  Then there's still plenty of Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber on my shelf waiting to be read.  Having to buy a car has put a big dent in travel funds, so we'll see if that goes on hold for a bit.  Poems seem to come and go as they please.  The future is always uncertain, but what is certain is that if I'm still alive and kicking I'll be eager to share my thoughts with you here at Platypus of Truth.


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