Saturday, August 06, 2016

Weird New England: Creative Platypus

Here are two pictures drawn during a recent trip to visit family. Both are concept art for the forth volume in a series of unpublished novels which chronicle the strange life of occult detective Ronald Fairfax. The style is inspired by a read through Hellboy's World, an academic study of the comic (and comics in general) by Stanford professor Scott Bukatman. If you like Hellboy, or comics in general, I can't recommend this book to you highly enough. Incidentally, it was also helpful in understanding an illuminated manuscript collection we happened upon during our trip.

In other news, teacher's meeting have started, so posting may become erratic over the month of August. It's already be an a-typical summer with far more pictures than book reviews and reading live-blogs. Oh well. It's always Strange Places for us here at Platypus of Truth, and we'll see what the Fall brings.

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