Friday, September 02, 2016

Weird New England (Cont.): Creative Platypus

What's a story without a villain? Here we have one from that all-too-common unpublished novel. Still, Lucian here is giving me some more practice for my flat-color style. I'm not sure if I've arrived at the right level of creepy for a haunted New England garret, but this feels close. It needs more books, trunks, and candelabra. How do you draw Evil? Is it spiny? Is it ugly? Is it dark? Our villain here is meant to have the look of a corrupted C.S. Lewis -one who never went off to the "Old Knock" and Oxford, but who wandered off into the murky depths of Spiritualism. He's more at home now in William's War in Heaven or All Hallows Eve than on Perelandra or the woods of Narnia; a sort of Eustace Scrub with the Necronomicon.

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