Thursday, June 15, 2017

In Space, No One Can Hear Lovecraft Scream (Cont.): Creative Platypus

As part of my Save the Cat homework, I'm working my way through the Alien series. It also has the added benefit of getting me ready for a viewing of Alien Covenant, whenever that happens.

In addition to all the Alien material, I've also been taking a closer look at some of my favorite comic book artists. Mike Mignola and his team have been right at the forefront with Helllboy: Into the Silent Sea and Hellboy: The Midnight Circus along with Witchfinder volumes I-IV. On a very different end of the spectrum, I've also been looking back through Doug TenNapel's old black and whites. My eye is specifically on the use of shadow and highlights and last weeks Alien-inspired mini-comic reflects that.

This week again merges my two fields of study into my ongoing quest to become a better artist. The above picture is a refinement of my first Alien homage refined with Prismacolor markers and colored pencils (no computer editing). The second is a new piece composed entirely in Clip Art in grey scale with a final red filter thrown on top to simulate emergency lighting. Both show that I have a lot more work to do, though getting a tablet to use with the Clip Art program might help as well.

In the meantime, I'm still mulling over my viewing of 2012's Prometheus as well as the five-minute net intro to Covenant. Once my thoughts are in good order, I'll present them here in the context of what I've learned from reading Save the Cat.

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