Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mythic Platypus II

Speak now and tell me who first broke the dance of the thoughts of Ai!

Drun first broke it.
Drun the unmaker.
Of all the works of Ai he was the first to break the dance.
And he took hold of Erga-Ai and claimed her, for he thought to be the son in law of Ai
and so to have the forge of Ai.

Speak now and tell me who was first of the Nine to defend Erga-Ai!

Addan came first.
Addan the scarred face.
Of all the works of Ai, he is most skilled in the ways of contending.
And Drun reached out his hand and struck Addan and marred his lovely face, and those
marks can still be seen to this day.

And Drun reached out with his hand again and struck the fields of night, but the fire of
the stars burned his hands even as he grasped them, and so the hands of Drun are marred.

Speak now and tell me what Ai did when Drun seized hold of the stars!

Ai, who made the fields of night and sowed them with the stars.
Ai, who took their fire and made for himself a forge.
And from that forge come all the thoughts of Ai.

Ai set down his hammer.
Ai set down his tongs.
Ai stood from his forge.

And when Ai stood, the fields of night trembled, and the stars quailed in fear, and
the Nine fell down on their faces and wailed.

Ai placed his hand upon the forge of Ai and swore an oath by himself, for there is not
but that it comes from Ai, and Ai cursed Drun.

Drun fled in fear at the wrath of Ai with the stars he had taken in his hand, though their fire burned him. And at the edge of the fields of night he made himself a forge and heated it with the fire of the stars he stole. But from that forge came no thoughts. So it
is that Drun is called the Unmaker, for he has no thoughts of his own, only what he takes
from the thoughts of Ai and breaks and twists in his forge at the edge of the fields of night.

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