Sunday, September 04, 2011

More About Howl my Moving Castle Lost its Legs:The Platypus Reads part CXXIX

I started blogging about Diana Wynne Jones' "Howl's Moving Castle" while we were still only half way through.  Having finished the book I am pleased to say that my enthusiasm for it remains unabated.  True, there is a considerable amount of divergence with Studio Ghibli's adaptation, but that only means that some aspects of the ending, and several extra layers of plot remain unspoiled for the reader.  Both the book and the movie are strong enough works of art in their own right that they each can be enjoyed without detriment to the other. It should also be emphasized, however, that while there are places where the two works diverge, they still share many points in common.  The movie can be seen more as a simplification of the book than a departure from it.  Pick up the novel yourself and see what you think!

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vespreardens said...

I agree. I enjoyed them both, but as separate entities. Having read a few of Jones's things at this point, though, I think she has a tendency to wrap up endings a bit too suddenly and nicely... but perhaps I would change my mind on a reread of some of her things.