Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reflections on Bread: Creative Platypus

I've noticed a few things as my experimentation with bread continues:

1. After you've made the same thing a few times you want to branch out.  I'm sure this is how new forms of bread came to be, but the itch to experiment strikes me as also the luxury of someone who isn't dependent on the bread they make to feed their oikos (household).  Would bread-making be fun if I had to make the same loaf most days of the year and save an frills for holidays?

2. Any sort of stream-lined bread baking requires routine and routines require stability.  A trip to San Antonio threw my entire process out of wack and it was absurdly difficult to start up again considering how little is actually involved.  This is why when most humans farmed very few of humans traveled.  Farming only works when a strict routine is kept by all the members of the household.  That routine creates its own momentum that's extremely difficult to recapture once it's lost.

3. Following point two, the types of bread I can make are limitless thanks to the grocery store.  I can even order spices on the internet in order to create breads traditional in the Middle east.  Making rye bread is fun for me; it's not a necessity because the area I live in is inhospitable to wheat.

Those are my thoughts thus far.  For the original post and its sequel click here and here

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