Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Journey of Randolph Carter (Part I): Creative Platypus

Armed with the Eldar Sign, Randolph Carter is ready to set out into the Dreamlands whatever machinations of Nyarlathotep may await him there.

Of Interest: The Items on Carter's Desk

A Thousand Miles Up the Nile by Amelia B. Edwards (2nd Ed. 1890)
Through the Dark Continent by Henry M. Stanley (1st American Printing)
A Dagger from the Kameroons
Several Fossils (Including a Trilobite)
Qing Dynasty Coins
Late Roman Coins
A Nice Fountain Pen
A Replica of King Tut's Burial Mask
A Replica of A Terracotta Warrior
A Salt Crystal
A Native American Arrowhead
A Piece of Fool's Gold
A Bottle of Shells From Venice
A Bottle of Earth From Cork. Ireland
A Bottle of Assorted Gemstones
An Irish Wood-Carving
The Base of a Tiffany Lamp

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