Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finals Whiteboard Mayhem: Creative Platypus

 It's Finals season and that means Whiteboard Art Mayhem ensues!  This year, the Slugbeast has been slow in making his appearance.
 In the meantime, Literature is representing loud and proud with this updated version of a classic text.

 Stendhal has broken out on the whiteboard with the aid of Jean-Paul Sartre.
 Gotta love those tacos.
 Mummy kitteh can has rotten onion.  Props to you if you know what this is about.
 Ah!  The Slugbeast cometh!  He is as the howling wind that knoweth not pity, that knoweth not mercy!  Of colossal tread is he...
 I think this speaks for itself.  Look upon their works ye mighty and despair.

*Please note: the little girl, chilled man, and mummy kitteh are courtesy of the students.

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