Sunday, November 06, 2011

Platypus Lectures: Academic Platypus

I was able to attend the annual Providence Classical School Pursuing Wisdom Colloquy this weekend.  This is the first Providence Colloquy I've attended.  As with all events that Providence hosts, the Gala in particular, I was thoroughly impressed.  Below are some of the things that impressed me in bullet point:

-The plenary speaker was Dr. Ronald Grosh, whom I've heard speak before.  Dr. Grosh is always a great catalyst for discourse, and this time was no exception.

-The coffee house and all the catering for the event was truly first-rate.  The Providence parents are smart, capable, professional, and run an extremely tight ship.  The speakers' dinner was also excellent in terms of food, location, service, and the extended amount of of time given to the speakers to socialize, re-energize, and network.

-Quite a number of Providence students were present working behind the scenes to make things happen.  They were well-dressed, polite, and efficient.  Beyond that, however, I was impressed by how many of them were willing to sit in on the break-out sessions and discuss with the speakers afterward.

-The quality of the attendees was abnormally high for a teacher's conference.  The conversation in the breakout sessions and throughout the weekend was professional, energetic, and intelligent.  It is a credit to Providence that it draws such people to its Colloquy both as presenters and attendees.

Those are my thoughts so far. If you're in primary or secondary education, or even just interested in it, may I heartily recommend next year's Providence Classical School Colloquy.

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