Monday, August 05, 2013

New England Reflections (Cont.): The Platypus Travels Part XXV

New England, like all places, has its own distinct style of architecture.  It's one that, having grown up with it, I find particularly congenial and reassuring.  Within the broader realm of the New England style, the city of Boston has a distinct flavor of its own.  Boston is the city of brick.  Nowhere is this red-brick-white-trim-gold-dome better exemplified than in the State Capital Building.  This grand basilica of Yankeedom overlooks Boston Common and is a must see for anyone setting out on the Freedom Trail.  Inside, you'll find the impressive chambers of the Massachusetts state legislature presided over by the shining presence of the Sacred Cod.

We spent a day in Boston touring around the streets and seeing the sights (on foot!).  While it's a beautiful city, it's not one I would ever wish to drive in given that it has perhaps the most confusing street plan in the Union.  The next post will feature some of the sights and a few reflections on the First City of New England.

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