Thursday, June 19, 2014

Overheard, Two Skulls Talking: Creative Platypus

Two skulls sat in the earth,
each with a hole (quite prominent)
in back,
and gossiped (as only skulls can)
for only the Earth hears them:

Have you heard my lady, the Princess Dai,
stayed so well in her twenty shrouds
that she would not rot until they dug her up?
Now scholars write learned disquisitions
upon the worms that ate her gut
and in life made her the terror of the palace.
They’ve even put her on display,
-like a breakfast table-
with a cover for her modesty,
which is fitting; though
there was never much to show.
Just the sort of fuss she wanted.

And the Earth ate these words
(as it eats all things):
in season, with a little indigestion
now and then –except those bits
it spits
back up
to grace the breakfast tables
of men (and women) of

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