Monday, June 29, 2015

The Sages Seal Gannon (Reprise): Creative Platypus

This is a second try at a scene from Hyrulian lore: the Sages seal Gannon within the Sacred Realm.  The first try can be found here.  For this second try at the scene, I used a thicker stock paper in charcoal black.  Trying to invert my concept of the scene to make black the background color was a little mind-bending (I only have two years of high school art class under my belt and years of amateurish stumbling).  It's not a great success, but I do feel that I learned a thing or two about working with a black background.  In the future, I hope I won't be as fuddled as to forget to block the picture before sallying forth with the pastels.

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