Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Sasanian Platypus

So today's paper is on Persian stereotypes in Greek literature. Those would be Achaemanid Persians, not Sasanian Persians. The question I'm dealing with is how Greek prejudices played into their portrayal of Persians in the Greek histories. It might not be such an important question if we weren't almost entirely reliant on the Greeks for any information about Persia during the Achaemanid Dynasty. Sources of non-Hellenic origin include Daniel, Ester, Ezra and Isaiah. It's not often that you get to use the Bible as a primary source in a history class.

Meantime, I'm still getting the hang of this blogging thing... When I have a genuinely profound thought, I'll have to post it. As of this date, scholars concede that there is no evidence that the Sasanians had any contact with Platypi. The Platypus knows better and he's got the hat to prove it.


Graf Spee said...

Dude!!! That is so cool!!! I mean, I get to use the Bible as primary source material all the time, but that doesn't count.

BTW, does Daniel count? I thought it was a 2nd cent. BCE document that was written as if it were from the 6th c. ;}

James said...

Ah yes, because it still reflects the views of the Jewish community during Persian rule. The trick is to assume that none of the books are what they claim to be. ;-)

Graf Spee said...

Ah. Got it.